Warning! The source codes may have to integrate with your pc like some files that are not in right place as they were in my pc when i created the project These projects are not run and fun projects.You have to read the classess depply if you want to learn something out of them


1- INVENTORY AND STAFF MANAGEMENT Created in Netbeans using jdbc localhost Java GUI
Download Invenotory and staff Management
Required Jars for this Project

2- VEHICLE PARKING SYSTEM Created in Java using doubly linked list
Download Vehicle Parking System

3- LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Created in Eclipse by Biker Boy and Me we worked on it with collaboration using Filing
Download Library Management

 Android Dev

1- GPA Calculator Created in Eclipse July 2016
Download executable apk for android

Warning! First 2 android projects are created in Eclipse .Beaware that you will need appcompat_v7 library imported in eclipse otherwise you will get error and Other thing .if you want to import them to Android Studio Gradle is required i dont know how that work hope you get something
Info! Make sure you have API23 this version of appcompat_v7 is for API23

2- Store demo (Incomplete) Created in Eclipse August 2016 Basic functions of SQLITE insert remove update
Download apk

Warning! Make sure your GPS and Internet is on

3- Google Position and Search Created in Android Studio August 2016
1- Show your location
2- Simple Search
3- 2 Map Types
Download apk


1- Basic Random HTML,CSS practise (My Practise 2014) Created in Notepad++ some rare practise files to learn some basics concept.They may be usefull for you
Download source Code

2- CIIT ISLAMABAD Home page front end Demo Created in Notepad++ first time use of media queries and JS with Google map js api

Front Page demo Comsats Islamabad Website


1- CGPA Calculator JS
Created in Notepad++ in 6 hours JS is also not a toy to play with if you dont have basic concepts of HTML and CSS and how Divs and Elements work peace