GAMING (2004-Present)

Well as soons as my parents bought me a Pentium 3 only thing i did was played games on it KOF97 NFSIISE CAD2 you name it it didnt hit me for once that Computer also have other purposes besides wastin time on games manny lessons learnt from those games tho the Biggest one was

"You always want more i played GTA vice city back in 7th Grade and swored never going to stop playing it after a while my Fellow AKA Wise said dude u played GTA San Andreas it have Gangs and you can go to gym well as lazy ass i was going to gym in San Andreas was fun and then GTA 5 came and on top of my misery at the time my dumb duo core wasnt enough to Run High Spec Games "

I would not say dont play games Games were huge part of me and still are not as much as they were back in the Day but obsessing over something could be frustrating like when a new iphone comes and people spend money for what that 2 inch extra size that apple forgot to put in previous iphone well Humans right ?

 FOOTBALL (2008-2014)

The best sport on Planet thats right you read that totally right so if you disagree see that X icon on right top corner move out no am just kidding The sport is amazing. I support Real Madrid and anyone who knows how to kick a ball right

 TV SERIES (2014-Present)

Where do i begin with the best thing about TV SERIES is they actually have ending not like those Indian BS dramas who are on air since 96 Here is my list. I havent watch every series that is on air but i ve watched good ones well you might disagree but hear that No right thats sound of me not givin a damn on what you think
1- Breaking Bad
2- Sons of Anarchy
3- Walking Dead
4- Spartacus
5- Game Of Thrones
6- Vampire Diaries
7- Californication
8- Prison Break
9- Teen Wolf
10- Arrow


First day in University and you realize have no programming background well its a matter of time and how much u want to learn .Hated it at first did 0 ICP assignments on my self and neither did the project Why cuz was to afraid that i dont have what it takes .But if you dont take responsibiity for the field you have choosen your doomed and since that time learnt manny things hey am not sayin am a master or somethin am sayin is Hard work pays of here are my accomplishments . I have Begineer Level in all of those Languages
1- Java (Beginner)
2- HTML,CSS (This Website is in both)
3- JS
4- Android
5- Bootstrap


I prefer English music started listening to it late 2008 .Coming back to music my fav artists
1- Eminem
2- Britney Spears
3- Katy Perry
4- Dr Dre
5- 2pac
6- Snoop Dogg
7- Adele
8- Kesha
9- Shakira
10-Jennifer Loperz


WWE is love .Its Entertaining good storyline and developed characters .Millions of people still watch it and am of the millions i guess who enjoy watching it Their is nothing better then watching your fav superstars going one on one against each other and giving fans the performance of a life time


Started watching UFC cause its real as far as i know and besides their isnt a sport in this world remaining which have bloodshed .Loved Gladiators thats why Octagon is Closest thing to Collesuem (if you dont know what an octagon is click on words hope u get it ). Conor McGregor One of the Best MMA fighters in world .The reason why i watch UFC