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Started working on Java in first Semester which i was not interested at all did no assignments and also didnt do the project fellow Biker Boy did my project with original project taken from my roomate Alves

Started to develope interest in Second semester and created 70 percent of basic classes of Library Management which were modified by Biker Boy .We collaboratively created 2nd semester Library Management Project Using GUI and File Handling .Learned Manny things

Interest at top of its peak created whole project of localhost database on my own using Java GUI and JDBC localhost db on Netbeans .The project was my first major success success in means of developing logics and concepts

 Android Dev

My Fellow Biker Boy and Alves used to talk about android development and how their friends created some simple apps .Biker boy showed me a simple app of Call and SMS packages that was created by his friend from comsats hostel and Alves friend Sarkar created a Binary Calculator in And dev.Thought i should learn it to Created My first app in July 2016 .It wasnt easy had to watch 20 videos per day from youtube and millions of searches on stack overflow to find out problems cuz i was developing in eclipse which is considered dead end for Android development and then as interest created learn about SQLIte in Android .and worked on some simple Google APIs


I started working on HTML 8 months before got in to University not exactly whole 8 months i worked on html but i remembered enough simple tags to begin with got some knowledge of iframe and how Html files make transition from one file to other Here is a rough demo version of my first ever attempt to make a web

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Box Office

Info! This below link is made responsive with use of media queries and it works responsive with mobile phones but may be unalligned a bit

Front Page demo Comsats Islamabad Website


PHP is one nerve wracking language may be the reason was i learned most of it in Notepad++ with no syntax checker most of time i forgot to put closing brackets and millions of Errors came ou to of Nowhere but still .I learned how to manipulate databases in PHP in july of 2016 and created a simple one end of our student portal .The other end is under development but with studies and everything i dont know how i will complete it TO BUSYY :)

Attention! You dont have any autority to register course or change password hey thats my account thats why peace and to login SP15-BSE-108 password babe


Also I created a Messenger using PHP/MySQL here is the link VIRGO CHAT BOX


Heard about bootstrap at first from my cousin Mars and then later on by Wolverine and Zain (The United Group) .This website is developed basically in Bootsrap .It makes work quite easy with build in classes .All you have to do is use your brain if you have any to make sure your doing the right thing See how exact this site is fit on your device its created in Boostrap Virgo Developers


Started workin on javascript month on end of July .Took me a while to even hold on syntax of elements but it resembles to Java so that was plus point i used partially some DOM properties of JS but only created one Web CGPA calculator based truly on JS here is the link CGPA calculator


Started workin on WordPress on start of 4th Semester and loved it no coding .Besides the fact that i prefer to code My website from scratch their are things that wordpress provide that amazes you .It takes sometime to get familiar with Dashboard of wordpress because of its vast complicated scheme but i rather say vast then complcaited because if you have common sense and you search things up you will get hold of it soon .anyway am currently working on my Blog that i always wanted to create here is the link visit it VIRGO COLLECTION

Learned how to create an online presence for your businees in 4th Semester here is the link to demo book store created in wordpress VIRGO BOOK STORE